Client Was At 72, Now Showing 55 In Knowledge Panel And In Actual Reviews In The Tweet From May 24th It Was Reported That Anonymous Reviews Stopped Counting Toward The Total Rating, But Were Still Visible When A User Clicked Through To See All Reviews.

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Google My Business Reportedly Removes Anonymous Reviews

@mblumenthal Hi Mike, just noticed anonymous Google reviews no longer seem to count toward overall rating, though still visible when you click through to see all reviews. Any idea when it changed? — Martin Briggs (@martin_briggs) May 24, 2018 I’m now seeing the anonymous reviews actually removed from GMB as well. Client was at 72, now showing 55 in Knowledge Panel and in actual reviews In the tweet from May 24th it was reported that anonymous reviews stopped counting toward the total rating, but were still visible when a user clicked through to see all reviews. On May 28th it was reported by another user that Google My Business has stopped displaying anonymous reviews altogether. I just went through several GMB pages and could also not see any anonymous reviews. Obviously I cannot check every page in existence, so take that for what it’s worth. This is an interesting move by Google, which now brings it in line with other other local review sites on the web. Yelp and TripAdvisor are two other prominent review sites which also allow only registered users to submit reviews. In addition, argued that this is a smart move on Google’s part.

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